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Dt25 Volume - Is It Loud Enough? Yes!

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This maybe entirely pointless but everywhere seems to full of the following question "Is a DT25 loud enough to gig?" and the answer is usually something like "It might not have enough clean headroom unless you mic up".


Ok, I've got a DT25 with a closed back 2x12 with Celestion K100s. With a heavy hitting drummer with a 7 piece DW kit, a bass player trying to knock the house down and a lead guitarist taking the paint off the walls, is my amp loud enough? YES! Does it have enough clean headroom? Well, truthfully I never use a pristine, clean sound, I always like a teeny bit of breakup but it can indeed do it, so again, YES!


What number is the master volume on to keep up with these tinnitus inducing morons? 3. Yes, 3. It's loud enough. If you need louder, you're doing something wrong, like pointing the amp at your ankles and annoying everyone down the road.


When I do play larger gigs, I'll mic up but the drums are also going through the PA so it's more about making it sound better out front than being loud enough.


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I don't have a DT25 but I do have a DT50 and when I use it on 25w mode it can be really loud. I also have a Jet City Picovalve 2/5 watter with the JCA12S+ and it's really loud also, although it's no where near as good as the DT25 it has it's place. I use with a clean setting with my X3 Pro or HD 500.

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