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Dt25 - Went To Half Volume, Then Lost All Sound!


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My DT25 was sounding like it was at half volume (I am not using half volume mode), then last night the volume went completely, halfway through a gig!

There was still some slight sound coming from the amp..... But I could whisper over it, it was that quiet! 


I am using my Pod HD500 connected via Line6 link. 


I had to put the HD500 directly through the PA and everyone said (out front) what a great sound I had!! :)

So, unless I can find out what is wrong with the amp,  I shall be going direct to PA from now on! 


Anybody know what might be the cause of this problem?...... I am suspecting valves, as I can still hear a slight sound from it. If it were fuses or any other component, then I am sure it would be just dead with no sound at all?

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I just had a similar thing happen with my DT50, here's the thread. Could be the tubes for sure. You may want to try to turn it off for a bit and retry. Or maybe even try the factory reset by powering up while holding the topo and pent/tri switch. Amps in general can be of the flaky variety, lol.

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