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Spider Valve Mkii How To Access Wahs And Noise Gate?


I have a Spider Valve MKII and I am always forgetting how to access the wahs and the noise gate. Can I get a little help for this? Thank you!

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I usually connect it to a computer and use the SV MkII Edit software to access and try those features, because it's easier to see on a big monitor.


However, here's some excerpts from the user manuals on how to do that from the controls on the amp:


If you press the right arrow from the Reverb screen, you’ll see the Gate screen. Your Gate
Mode choices are Off (Gate is disabled), Gate (a standard noise gate), NR (a frequency
dependent noise reduction) or Gate+NR (both Gate+NR together). You can also adjust
Threshold and Decay settings. Gate parameters are saved with the individual preset.

But wait, that’s not all... You’ll also see a new Wah menu where you can now select from among the factory Vetta Wah, and several additional, classic Wah Models! Press the Presets knob to enter Edit Mode and use the L/R arrows on the 4-way Nav Disc to access the WAH menu, found between the BOOST and VOL menus. All the Wah Models are available for your choosing via the Model - Select option.

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