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Marooned Tone?

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You could try and build one yourself with Amplifi Remote and info on the net:

From http://www.kitrae.net/music/David_Gilmour_Effects_And_Gear.html

For Pink Floyd tones from the Momentary Lapse of Reason, Division Bell, and Pulse era you need: A Ross type compressor, Sovtek Big Muff or Sovtek Muff clone, Tube Driver or other smooth overdrive type pedal, warm sounding digital delay, and modulation like Boss chorus and a Uvi-Vibe type pedal. Additional pedals like a Digitech Whammy (for Marooned andThe Blue) and a volume pedal can be used for certain songs. An EQ pedal like a Boss GE-7 can also be usefull to boost the mids or lows. EMG-SA pickups were also key to the tones from this era.

From Wikipedia:

The piece was written by David Gilmour and Richard Wright.[1] It has sounds that describe the setting as an island (such as seagulls and waves crashing on the shore). It was composed while jamming aboard the Astoria in early 1993. The high-pitch guitar sounds on the track came from a Whammy pedal which makes the guitar sound an octave higher,[2] also known as a pitch shifter. Also in the background can be heard the wailing guitar effects from the original recording of the Pink Floyd song "Echoes", which were redubbed onto this song by Gilmour for increased textural effect.

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...and this might help slightly from http://www.pinkfloydfan.net/t1479-david-gilmour-sounds-silence-guitar.html

GW: What can you tell me about "The Division Bell"'s guitar instrumental "Marooned"? 

DG: It's amazing how far I can bend those notes, isn't it? [laughs] 

GW: I'll say. How do you achieve those wild, octave-wide, bends? 

DG: A Digitech Whammy Pedal. It's a great little unit, but I haven't even begun to explore half the things it does. The fact that it allows you to bend a note a full octave is quite shocking. It's so odd. 

GW: You seem to use the effect very naturally -- I almost didn't notice it at first. Did you practice with it a lot before you recorded "Marooned"?

DG: No. [laughs] I think we basically wrote the first version of it the day I got the pedal. I still don't think I use it very effectively, but it's a very good pedal. 

GW: How much of "Marooned" is improvised? 

DG: Pretty much all of it. I probably took three or four passes at it and took the best bits out of each.

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