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    Update 2.0

    So unfortunate & disappointing ... seriously.
  2. Here's an online review of the AMPLIFi 150 dated October 16 at PremierGuitar.com. Link > http://www.premierguitar.com/articles/21442-line-6-amplifi-150-review They like it.. a lot.
  3. Seems to me that swapping out the speaker on an AMPLIFi is quite a different beast than changing one in a standard tubed guitar amp. I mean it's an easy thing to swap the speaker but quite another to know which speaker would be a suitable upgrade... There are those four other speakers in the AMPLIFi that need to be taken into consideration -- that the new speaker has to be matched to / balanced with.
  4. Sure hope we get USB recording, and access to more than just four tones when using the amp without an iPad.
  5. Can we hear from some who have updated their devices to iOS8 to confirm that the app works bug free? I want to update my iPad's OS but am afraid that the app won't t work with the amp. It sounds like Line6 is saying it is compatible but I'd like to get confirmation from actual amp owners too before moving forward on it.
  6. I'm pretty sure I've used two mod effects with the Amplifi. I thought the FX100 was essentially identical to the Amplifi except without the amplifier and speakers. No? Are FX100 and Amplifi tones interchangeable?
  7. mjc02865

    USB port

    What's taking so long to activate Amplifi's USB port? The $100 "Fender Mustang I" amp has a very functional USB port -- for recording and accessing its Fender Fuse editing software -- so we know it's doable. I hope Line 6 gets us Mustang-like usb soon. It just makes marketing sense to provide it as soon as possible -- a usb recording interface would be a huge plus to prospective buyers.
  8. I voted for it -- hopefully many others will too.
  9. Four banks (16-tones) would be a huge improvement over the "just four" that are now available without connecting an iOS device. Hopefully this is a planned feature, and if not hopefully it will become one after they view these posts.
  10. That's a really good way too. It's super easy to simply count one, two, three, four, or five lights -- it gets harder to count as you go up BUT, no biggie, simply put the most used / most important / your gigging tones in the first four or five banks and you're good to go. I like ice9mike's solution far better than the one I came up with ... and, I have to think it wouldn't be too difficult to code into the firmware. Maybe "someone" (what say ye ice9mike?) could suggest it on IdeaScale?
  11. Triryche Posted yesterday 10:30AM "But I personally don't see a clean way to implements this ... how would the AMPLIFi indicate the current bank?" Here's a scheme Line 6 coders could easily implement to provide access to some additional banks of tones using just the amp's single tone button (read: without an iOS device connected) > Double-click the tone button to switch to Bank 2's tones, triple-click to switch to Bank 3's tones, etc. Maybe do this for at least the first three or four banks of on-board tones? I have to think something like this is very doable.
  12. That rots... All these additional banks in the amp but only accessible by connecting an iPad or iPhone? Not sure about others but I use my amp 90% of the time as is, without an iOS device connected. Being able to access more sounds than four without iOS would be a huge plus for me. Hopefully this a feature Line 6 adds in the next firm ware update (IMO it really should have been included in this most recent release).
  13. I can't figure it out either. I have to think Line 6 has provided a way - and we just don't know about it - for this to be done. For now, I've been changing presets using the app but most of the time when using the amp I'm not using the app so being able to access more than just 4-presets from the amp is a must have for me. Hopefully, someone knows how to do it and will post it here.
  14. I updated mine yesterday... It took about 30mins beginning to end. I placed my iPad on the amp while updating the amp's firmware which took about 20mins via the iPad and amp's Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth is the gating issue here so be sure you keep your amp and device close together.
  15. So pretty much the firmware does nothing for AMPLIFi owners unless they also own an FBv or Mk2...Is this correct?
  16. With the firmware update... Does the amp now remember/retain the multiple tone banks or is it that the various banks are only be accessible using the iOS app/device? If the amp does holds all the banks without the iOS device, then how does one switch from one bank to the next? Thanks.
  17. Found this on Google for Line 6's Spider amp (but nothing for the AMPLIFi)... Question: How do you factory reset an original Line 6 Spider Amp? Answer: Hold down the A (or clean) button as you turn on the power and hold the button for 5-8 seconds.
  18. There's got to be a way to restore it to it's factory default condition... Try all combinations of holding the switch buttons down while turning the powere on... and don't forget the volume knob is a push switch too. For example: Try holding down the tone, the tap, and volume knob all at once then turn the power on -- make sure you hold them down for a good long time after switching on. If that does't work try combinations of two switch buttons at a time. If that doesn't then one at a time, etc. There's got to be a way to rest it.
  19. As an app developer I can tell you it's tricky to coordinate events through Apple's review process... Apps typically take a few weeks to get through Apple's review process but sometimes they surprise and put an app through in as little as a few days. Maybe the Amplifi app went through the approval process a lot faster than anticipated which could account for the firmware lag. Maybe they thought they had more time than anticipated to time the firmware update so that the two release simultaneously?
  20. I'm not crazy about using the one on the amp but I do find the one built into the iOS AMPLIFi app convenient and accurate to use.
  21. I haven't heard of the issue on any 75s, only the 150s. I own a 75 and have never detected even a hint of the vibration problem people have been reporting / complaining about.
  22. Does anyone know if the USB port on the FX100 does anything?
  23. It sure would be nice if Line 6 would put the FX tones on the server for now to hold us over until the firmware upgrade gets released.
  24. Yeah.... they're tricky to find. Take a look at the attached Tone Search screenshot for some assistance--hope this helps. I think the ones that are there were put up by a user, not Line 6. Maybe someone from Line 6 will upload them for us? I can't imagine it would take much for them to do so.
  25. You can download some of the FX100's presets by searching via the AMPLIFi app's "Tone Search" page. I don't think all the tones are available (yet) but a lot of them are. It'd be nice if someone from Line 6 could upload them ALL so AMPLIFi owners could gain easy access to them. AMPLIFi FX100 Factory Presets AMPLIFi: Greatest Hits Fidelity Rhythm Lead the Way American Clean Ambient Delays SONG: Classic Rock 1 Heartbreaker Back in Black Life in The Fast Lane Wind Cries Mary SONG: Modern 1 Everlong Locked Out of Heaven American Idiot Moves Like Jagger SONG: Pop Rock Streets Have No Name Do I Wanna Know Day Tripper Steady As She Goes SONG: Modern Metal Symphony of Destruction Woman Man in the Box The Pot SONG: Classic Rock 2 Another Brick Smokin' Aint Talkin Bout Love Still Of The Night SONG: Blues Everyday I Have the Blues Right Next Door Slow Trem Blues Cold Shot SONG: Modern 2 In Bloom Hysteria Octave Synth Seven Nation Army Creep SONG: Classic Metal Crazy Train Iron Man Number of the Beast Master of Puppets SONG: Clean Heartbreak Hotel Bayou Tremolo Every Breath You Take Falling Away From Me ACOUSTIC Acoustic: Rhythm Acoustic: Rhythm Chorus Acoustic: Finger Style Acoustic: Bright MODEL SHOWCASE: Hi Gain Brit J-800 Tread Dual ANGEL P-Ball Line 6 Insane MODEL SHOWCASE: Effected So What Octave Synth P-Haze Octave Solo Spacy Flange Let's Go Crazy Fuzz MODEL SHOWCASE: Clean Jazz Clean w Chorus Blackface Lux Double Verb Class A-30 Top Boost MODEL SHOWCASE: Mods Machine Gun U-Vibe Layla Rotary Auto Wah Breathe In The Air MODEL SHOWCASE: Crunch Citrus D-30 Super O Breakdown Bomber Uber Solo 100 Head PERFORMANCE: Rock Rock: Rhythm Rock: Clean Rock: Crunch Rock: Solo PERFORMANCE: Metal Metal: Rhythm Metal: Clean Metal: Flange Metal: Solo PERFORMANCE: Indie Indie: Rhythm Indie: Clean Indie: Lead Indie: Solo PERFORMANCE: Blues Blues: Rhythm Blues: Clean Blues: Lead Blues: Rotary PERFORMANCE: Modern Modern: Class A-30 Clean Modern: Class A-30 DDL Modern: Class A-30 Rhythm Modern: Class A-30 Push PERFORMANCE: Country Country: Clean Trem Country: Slap Country: Lead Country: Lead Boost PERFORMANCE: Jazz Jazz: Solid State Jazz: Full and Clear Jazz: Set & Match Jazz: Dirty FX HEAVY Shoeglaze Lead The Bees Seismik Synth Sample & Hold
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