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  1. This is why it would be better. You could tweak the individual amps to your liking and have them stay the way you want. Same with pedals. Then mix and match with ease.
  2. I have the same setup, but iPad 3 and use iPad1 for streaming music. We have found that it has more low end than I would like at times. There might be something wrong with it. Take it back to where you got it and have them check it out. Good Luck.
  3. Great idea! If you don't have that up on IdeaScale by tomorrow, I will steal it and post away. Thanks.
  4. I have the Peterson and a couple of others and I agree completely. I guess it's just the FloorBoard display. Maybe it could be fixed with software.
  5. I have really liked both of these amps, but both of them have nearly useless tuners. It could be the MK2 Floorboard. Display is really jumpy and it never feels settled to me. Anyone else.
  6. I am about two months in with this. Quite happy. For starters, let's just take the tube/digital thing out of the argument. I teach at two days a week at a local college. This thing is a killer tool for teaching. I already use Amazing Slow Downer as a teaching tool. Having Blutooth is dumb convenient. Kids bring in music on their phones all the time. No brainer. It also sounds pretty damn good. Teaching new players about different effects, amps, etc and what they do is as easy as it gets. I am super happy with this amp. I tried a Spyder IV about a year ago and traded it off. Sounded great. Something just didn't click. This is different for me. Convenience outweighs the little quirks for now and it sounds like they are working on that stuff. Thumbs up.
  7. I thought of that and see how that could be done pretty easily. My thought was something that made it a little more sleek and fast. It could be of benefit when switching amp models. You find the gain and volume you like and it just stays there. I guess I am asking about a default setting scenario.
  8. Could there be a way to save a default setting for each parameter. For example: I tweak the rotary speaker and it stays where I like it. Or this: I set every amp to something useful for me and then I can cobble sounds together from there. This way we aren't starting fresh each time. Maybe useless. I don't know.
  9. I have the old version on my desktop. I there any way for someone else to use this until the fix is in? I could set it up in a Dropbox account.
  10. I was able to delete the new app and revert back to the old one from my back-up if that helps anyone.
  11. Me, too. Crashing on open and fellow b-bender. Coincidence? Hmmmmmmm?
  12. I drove to Guitar Center yesterday and swapped out the 75 for the 150. Big difference. If you plan to use this for rehearsal or occasional gigs, spend the extra 100. I isn't that much bigger or heavier and has a ton more bottom end and volume. This transfers over to music on BluTooth also. Really neat solution for an old guy like me who doesn't want to schlep a 100lb tube amp to a weekly rehearsal.
  13. It is designed to operate as as music player, too. I have a tube amp that I love, but bought this to take to rehearsal. Schlepping that thing all over is a pain. We bought the 75 primarily for a second music system and it is pretty nice, but I am going to swap it out for the 150.
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