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  1. You need to sent in your Amp for a hardware fix. Its only needed if you using the Express. The larger shortboard does not have this problem.
  2. You would need to let that person go through the pairing process. You need to be paired If not paired you can't access it. Jim
  3. Was the firmware install successful? Did you check the now installed ver #?
  4. Did you look at the input in the sound preference thats in the systems preferences?
  5. You have to use an iOS (Apple) device or download the Windows app and use the USB port. Once this is done you can use the Android for future updates. When its working right its all there. Setting are all on the fly. Pitch and tempo sliders as well as tap for tempo timing. get the firmware done first.
  6. Nothing is wrong with it. It sounds like your having trouble with your Android device. Your losing your blue tooth connection. So we know its not working right. I have used an iPad 3, iPad air, iPhone 5s, and a Note 8 all work great. It could be that your Tab is not supported or it needs to get a clean install of the OS and app's. Also did you up date the firmware in the Amplifi? If not that needs to be done.
  7. Heres the link. http://line6.com/amplifi-guitar-amp-android/
  8. Here is the link. Not all Androids will be supported. http://line6.com/amplifi-guitar-amp-android/
  9. Heres the link. Now let the bitching began. Like we've tried to tell all of you guys there are to many platforms to make all of the Androids work. Here the list of the one that will work. http://line6.com/amplifi-guitar-amp-android/
  10. So what most of you Android users are saying is that Line 6 has no right to make a product for the IOS market? If that is the case there are lots of IOS products out there. So get an IOS device or look at something else. Heck I hope Line 6 makes a Android and Mac/PC apps. but for now this is whats it is.
  11. I have the 150 and there is no pop. Just the lightest noise not a pop more like a low huff.
  12. All right I added an idea to the Line6 Ideascale. It is to include an FX or stomp the would allow us to send the guitar input to the full range with or without other FX or stomps. Please vote on this. "It would be great if we had a FX or Stomp that would allow the guitar input to go full range. As it is, the instrument is played through the 8" or 12" speaker and the FX are full range. It would be nice if we could choose the path. For acoustical instruments with little no effects. It could be as easy as a FX that you drop in that can adjust the amount or % of signal going to the mid's and tweet"s." http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Full-Range-input-FX-or-Stomp/645570-23508
  13. Oh and if your looking for the presets there in the app under AMPLIFI in the tones menu on the left sidebar.
  14. I'm sure that the reason that we did not get the presets as we were told in the last two APP updates. Was do to the fact that the APP downloads them for the Amp. Now that the new firmware has included the banks as well as the preset the APP can now download them into the APP.
  15. Not sure but if you click the link in the first post you can see line 6 is going to give us more banks in the amp it's self.
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