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  1. Wolf1001

    Import hlx file

    there are 3 ways to import presets: bundle (all setlists together) .hlb setlist (one complete setlist) .hls presets only .hlx :-)
  2. Hi, due to having 2 Helix (one as spare) I also have 2 cases, bought from Thomann (THON-cases) in Germany, suit very well and there is enough space to plug at the back.
  3. Hi, I'm using one L2T and one L2M together, sound great, quite similar to FOH sound (every speaker is different, so you can't get exactly the same sound). Due to L6-digital connection it's easy to connect and separate between left and right monitor. I use it live and at home for rehearsal. In studio I only use HELIX direct input to mixing console. HELIX offers a great variety of using it. I have two of them (one as spare) and I learn every day something more.... br Martin
  4. Hi, I bought my Helix at THOMANN.DE in Germany, they often sell products in bundle with flightcases, in this case a special floorcase for Helix, I can send you a photo of my Helix with case.
  5. How can I disable Bluetooth connection? I just bought the amp and didn't have a live gig yet, but soon will - so I have a little fear that anyone in the audience will connect to the amp via Bluetooth and play some music while I'm playing on stage.... thanks in advance Martin
  6. I just bought this amp and I really like - but the line6 manuals are just an overview, so I have several questions. First is: how can I (easy) copy one sound for example from 1A to B3 or C2...? Meanwhile I do it this way - create a sound an save it to "my sounds" on the app - then go to C2, recall the sound on the app and save it to C2. But this only works as long as C2 is a default setup. thanks in advance Martin
  7. Hi, I just bought amplify 150 and had the same problems, I restarted my iphone, then it worked br Martin
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