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Nad Kinda?

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It's only a NAD in the sense that there's a new amp in my house right now. I bought the Line 6 Spider valve 112 (not mk11) home to try it out for about a week.


I have some questions. I love the way it sounds, and it sounds really loud. It's just that I heard that spiders are kinda, well, BAD for playing live. Would this be the case for the SV? I play in church so I need something that's definitely giggable. 


Furthermore, and this is less important, are there any manuals out there for the non-mkii SV? I can't find any online.


Any help would be appreciated. :)

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I have a 2x12 40w. What I do is I turn my channel volume at about 9 o'clock and the master volume at about noon. 


Presets should always start with your channel volume. Unfortunately, the presets on the amps aren't exactly plug in and play material, but spend some


time with this amp and make it your own.


Hope I helped


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