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Used Toneport Ux2 - Licence For Pod Farm 2

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I'm really new in this field of Line 6 devices. English is not my mother tongue so I apologize for eventual mistakes in writing. Recently I bought used black faced TonePort UX2 for my son. I have installed POD Farm 2.57 and when I run I get the following message:

No POD Farm 2 License Found - POD Farm 2 is not authorized. POD Farm will run in trial mode...

Do I have any right to get POD Farm 2 licence by buying used TonePort UX2 device? 


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depends on when the original owner registered it.


you can for sure get the latest pod farm 1.x


Hello! Could you be more specific about 'depends on when the original owner registered it' part, please? I have bought used TonePort UX2, which was probably already registered (I do not and will not know when it was registered), and I'm getting this:








Is there any way to transfer license into my account?




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Does not matter... any toneport (redface) UX2 did not come with pod farm 2 license... only pod studio UX2's

the original owner could gift his pod farm 2 license to you... BUT only if he purchased it separately... 

more than likely you need to use pod farm 1.x or pay for the upgraded license.

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