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Best Way To Hook Up Sonic Port For Live Perfromance Using P.a.

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I have been using SonicPort for about 2 weeks now with no issues. Sunday I went  to hook up for a gig and I got a high pitched tone constant feedback line in to my PA.. 

My setup is this.


Ipad2 running Jamup Pro XT


Line in 1/4 guitar

Line out I have a 1/4 inch stereo splitter I have an XLR adapter on one leg and the other leg runs 1/4 to my powered floor monitor.


When the feedback was occuring it was only happening in the XLR adapted side which goes to the PA board.. the feedback did not come through my powered floor monitor..



thoughts?.. Do I have the correct rig for live performance? A picture of my rig is attached...post-1388428-0-89323400-1398174012_thumb.jpg

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Hey I think you need a DI.

Run the Sonic Port into the DI. Take the throught from the DI and send that into the input of the amp. Take the XLR from the Di and send that to the PA.

I was trying to do something simliar today. Running a 1/4 to XLR lead straight to the PA but the signal was so low. I needed to run a DI. I used a passive DI and that helped but the signal still seemed low. Have a look at an active DI. I am looking it as well.


I hope I helped.


Cheers Tim

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The problem turned out to be something about that particular PA.. more than likely a ground loop feedback. I'm back home now on the home PA.. and the problem is not there. It does concern me though as we often use other churches PAs when we play offsite. It possibly could turn up again and I wloud like to know what exactly caused it..

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