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Fm4 - Distortion & Level Change With Bypass

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Hi Everyone


I have been using my FM4 for years and have always been happy.  Recently I was using it in a setup that I wanted to calibrate level (using a sine tone).  I noticed 2 things that bother me;


  1. When the mix control is fully turned down and no processing is happening there is a small amount of distortion being added to the signal.
  2. With this setting there is also a level difference when the effect is turn off/bypassed, which is the effect of the distortion being added when the effect is engaged.

I always read that the bypass on these pedals was a "true bypass".  The signal going in and out of the pedal is not peaking so I am quite sure I am not adding the distortion to the signal path.  I know the pedal distorts when you overload the input.


Has anyone else noticed this? I have attached a recording showing the issue.






Line6 FM4 distortion test.wav

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