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Another Echo Park "No Output" victim

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My 10 month old Echo Park decided to quit working on Tuesday.  I haven't even used it all that much in the time I've had it (once a week at most).  A quick Google search looks like this is a fairly common problem with these...the lights work and respond to tap tempo...but nothing comes out.  It will work in bypass only if I switch the Trails switch to Off...weird.  Don't know why that would have anything to do with a bypassed signal.


I guess it's time to open an RMA since it is under a year old and should be covered by warranty.  I'm just worried that this is a fundamental design issue and a year from now I'll be back with the same issue and an expired warranty.


Does anyone at Line 6 know the root cause of this problem, or is the policy just to replace the faulty module?

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