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Issues with Effects

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Hello everyone, I am having a very troubling issue with my spider jam.


When I power it on everything seems fine, but the only thing that I can adjust is the master volume. I can't change any of the effects in any way. So essentially, I'm stuck in a basic clean tone and I can only change the volume. The screen functions perfectly, but when I change something on any other knob besides the master, there's no difference in sound. It was exposed to a small amount of rain a few days ago when bringing it from a car into a house. I am afraid that it is completely toast. 


Any suggestions?


Thank you. 

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I don't think this solution worked for anyone yet.


Hate to try it before any other ideas have been implemented. Seems like that would clear everything you customized in the amp. Of course, that may be already lost.


I'm still waiting to hear if anyone else has had this problem and their experiences on a fix.




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