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Any Point To Dt25 If Using Headphones With Pod Hd500?


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 I have a pod hd500 and a DT25. I wonder if there is any point in using the DT25 when I play with headphones? Currently I can either leave the amp off and use the headphones out of the hd500, or I can put the amp into standby and turn the volume up and run the simulated output into my soundcard and listen to that on headphones. But is there any advantage to doing this? I would prefer to have the same patch on the hd500 if possible, to avoid building duplicate patches for Pre and full models which is why I'm currently monitoring the dt25 out, but I dont think it sounds as good as the hd500 on its own..


is the hd500 full amp model doing better poweramp and speaker/cab modelling than the DT25?

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By running your normal (pre amp) patches through the DT in standby (i.e. low volume mode - LVM), you are only hearing the pre-amp - there is no automatic power amp modelling unless the DT is used standalone, so it is almost always best to use a full amp patch when using the DT LVM. 


So if you are using headphones, the the easiest option is to plug them into the HD500, turn the DT off, and switch to Studio Direct mode.


You will have to build duplicate patches (i.e. pre and full) for when you are using the DT as an amp and for when you are using headphones (either LVM into soundcard or direct from HD500) - it is never going to sound the same on headphones anyway, because they have a much different response to a guitar amp speaker cabinet. There is no real way around this.

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