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XD V75 Match my DJ Controller

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I recently purchased (has not even been delivered yet) new Line 6 XD V75 wireless handheld mic based on a great recommendation from a friend.


I am a mobile DJ using a Pioneer DDJ SX.  Not sure if anyone is familiar with that controller, but many users have been having issues with microphone distortion due to the type of preamp installed inside the unit.  Being that I haven't even gotten my mic yet (and the place I bought it from does not accept returns on microphones). I want to make sure that the specs of this mic match up well with the specs of my controller.  Many people say that the Ohm ratings need to match.  I am a novice when it comes to this topic so I figured posting the specs on here and letting the pro's let me know if it's a good match or not.

These are the Microphone output specs from the DDJ SX-DJ controller (Copied from their documents)



MIC.................................................................................... –52 dBu/10 kW



Can one of the experts chime in and let me know if this is a good match?  If not, why not and what could I do?



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From looking at the owner's manual I don't see any problems.  It should just plug in and go.  There are some level adjustments in the V75 editing section if you need to raise or lower the output of the mic but would expect you would not need to touch them and just use the controls on the Pioneer.

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Thank you for the response.  I wish I had more experience in this area to be able to tell if it would be compatible.  That's why I posted here.


Many users were saying that the impedance from the Pioneer unit has to "match" the output impedance of the mic unit.  All those specs are pretty much gibberish to me and wouldn't know which matches well with the other.


Mic should be delivering in the next few days, I will report back when I test.



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