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Why not make a head like this HK Grandmeister

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I wish Line 6 would take a look at the Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister 36 tube head and blatantly copy a few things for a modeling head.


First of all, people who use modelers generally don't want to drag around a mostly empty Marshall sized head around.   Make a 100-150 watt MONO head that is less than 20" wide to fit all kinds of cabinets and act like a lunch box.  Remember.  MONO.  If you must make a stereo head, that is fine...charge an extra $100 or so more than the MONO head.


128 selectable midi programs, not a few channels. If you are using midi control, then use it.  Don't limit channel selection to that of a 20th century 2-4 channel analog head.


Line 6 has a lot of great ideas, but its time to evolve from the archaic perception of the guitar amp.

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I'm finding the H&K Grandmeister 36 to be a nice in-between option with my POD HD 500x,  instead of a DT series amp.


This was a great solution for me personally,  given the DT25 didn't have the headroom I was looking for to drive my clean sound,  and the DT50 was just way too much amp for my purposes.    Also that I generally like the H&K tones for most of what I'm doing.


Using the 4 cable method AND the POD HD500x  as a midi controller for the Grandmeister, I have the ability to choose on a patch-by-patch basis whether to use the Grandmeister pre-amp or a POD pre-amp model which bypasses the H&K pre-amp stage, but still can take advantage of different channel voicings in the power amp stage.     The key is the effects loop and selecting on the POD what goes into the Grandmeister instrument input vs. into the effects return.    The different channels on the Grandmeister also impact the power stage voicings, so I have similar analog tone shaping capabilities to what I get with a DT amp.


The only mental overhead is that when I am using the H&K pre-amp, I just have to adjust the EQ & channel options on the amp to suit my patch and remember to also save those settings to the Grandmeister preset (which by default goes to the last selected channel, so it's easy, just hit "STORE" on the amp for a few seconds - the amp will be on the correct preset already if I selected it through the POD).    


I.e.  the patches on the POD are matched 1:1 (Bank/Patch) with my presets on the Grandmeister,   and so changing the patch on the POD also selects the matched preset on the Grandmeister then.    


They work quite well together!!     The Grandmeister has more clean headroom than a DT25 , and is MUCH easier to carry around than a DT50.

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