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Problems with my coffin, possibly grounding? (600)

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I'm starting to have problems with my Variax. It won't work correctly unless I position the coffin to press down into the cavity and up towards the top. If I don't it will select the wrong models or plainly not turn on correctly/give a good signal.


I put some card board to force it into position for now, and it's alright now, but does anyone know what could be causing this? I checked the wires that go from the coffin's case to screws and they seem ok. I tried to check other wires leading into the electronics, moving them around, but it does nothing unless I just force the coffin to lay hard on the cavity's bottom and the top side of the cavity.


Help would be appreciated so I don't have to open this up again to fix the positioning (It did it again last night). I think the cardboard helps but there's a small rise in the pickguard that I find annoying and dangerous for stuff to get into the electronics.

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