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Delay Loop Help request POD X3 Live

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Howdy:  I am trying to recreate the delay loops fx from the line6 tutorial here:  Creating Quick Loops w/ POD X3 Live - Line 6 Tips & Tricks, Ep. 9


The youtube video link it takes you to is here:  


Explanation of the video:  tone 1 is set on digital delay with 100% feedback such that you make a tone and it repeats forever.

tone 2 is able to create w/e other settings desired and play separately from and distinct of tone 1 but at the same time.  So lets say tone 1 is going beep beep . . .  at 80 bpm 1/4 notes.  tone 2 can play whatever it wants to and not affect tone 1in any way.


The problem I am having is that tone 2 is feeding the tone 1 digital delay that is set to infinite feedback loops (100%) thus making it muddy up instantly.   I have tried everything I can think of setting-wise and googled ad nauseum.  Tech support referred me here.  


Your help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much. 

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