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POD HD 500X Acoustic question.


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I am learning my JTV59 and POD HD 500X.

I "accidentally" created a sound I can't recover.

Was just strumming and testing my equip with computer Quicktime recording.

I had the JTV59 set to Acoustic and just haphazardly fiddling with the Edit program.

Did this about 3/4 times.

To get to the point I had a acoustic sound that i really liked.

My best way to describe it would be like a brush on a snare drum on the D-G-B-E strings. 

Dammed if I could reproduce it, I did not save anything.


This is frustrating me to no end. 

Really looking for your reply.

Thanx in advance.

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Yes, I got that part, no amp.


In fact I think you gave me that great advice already and thanks for that.


I try to set the EQ to low Treble to smooth out the high strings so it sounds like a brush being used on a drum, no luck.


Any ideas?

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