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Rickenbacker News ?

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The nice folks over at the BassChat forum (they must be nice - they let me join) are getting a bit worked up about John Hall, the CEO of Rickenbacker and his frantic attempts to stamp down hard on companies, organisations, forums etc. who are producing, selling or even talking about unlicenced copies of Ricks, especially 4001/4003 basses.


I've done a quick search on this site and only found benign references to Rickenackers and wondered if there are any implications for these models in the Variax / JTV / Bass guitars. I've stated my belief on BC that Line 6 have a long history of dealing with copyright on guitars, amps, cabs and effects but I just thought I would ask if there have been any rumblings.


I don't want to start any concerns or anxieties - just asking.



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Why would there be any rumblings? There's plenty of references to "Based on Marshall", "Based on Fender" etc. with no comeback there. Hence the rather odd naming conventions on the actual units as using the actual names might get them sued, but saying something sounds like something else is not illegal.


Sometimes John Hall goes a bit obsessive about it all so he might want to try it on, but all Line 6 would meed to do is to change the descriptions: "Based on a jangly guitar used by The Beatles".  :D 


I actually own a Rick 4001. Maybe if they made some cheaper versions a la Fender/Squire, Gibson/Epiphone there wouldn't be much of a clone market. I did see that thing where BassChat changed their marketplace policy so you can't descibe your bass as a Rickenbacker copy,but I think that was pre-emptive.

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