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Trying to migrate my live playing from PODXTLive to fx100. The 100 has a ton of potential, but they are going to have keep the updates coming.


Trying to get used to the more compact pedal that doesn't have the second row of controls for toggling certain params. On the XTLive one bank can really do it for you because for any single tone/patch (eg patch A) you can toggle a delay, mod, compressor.


So for the fx100 I was wondering what the best method is. For sure you can create the diff patches (eg: Amp 1 w/delay, Amp1 wo/delay, Amp 1w/chorus etc.) of course you see they permutations eat up a lot of patches and banks. Worse is how painful banking is on the fx100


Seems like there would be some way to make a toggle on a patch. On the iPad I could use the "editor" to toggle the power switch on the mod or delay I have. But of course this means taking my hands off the guitar. No problem between songs, but a little tricky in the middle. I know the pedal is short on buttons, but you could set the patch button to toggle a specific param when you select it a second time. For exAmple clicking "A" the first time switches to patch A which is set to mod off. Clicking it again would toggle designated mod on.


Or you could choose to give up the "tap" switch and use it for a param toggle.


Anyone out there have some suggestions?

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