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  1. Went to update to ios10 and remembered days last when updating broke the ampfi app. Anyone tried?
  2. It is a Sony. RCA left/right stereo is really the only option as optical and spdif doesn't make sense on the fx100. I could get a mono 1/8 mono male cable that splits into stereo RCA so that the mono signal out of the fx100 left/mono port could feed both sides of my stereo. Don't know if that causes an impedance problem that way. The other way would be to come out of both the left/mono and right outputs on the fx100 and couple those to a single rca on the other side. This would be true stereo into the stereo receiver. I would think in theory this would be exactly the same signal as what comes out of the headphone jack, but I don't know if they do some leveling differences in the headphone vs the outputs. The mono/left output is what I use on the stage so I know it works well with no clipping. I like the idea of the mono/left to stereo Rca bridge cable because it ensures that the sound in my stereo is still mono (even though it is playing the mono signal on both left and right) because this is how my stage setup is. If I use both the left and right outputs then I am getting true stereo and the stereo effects (like stereo delay) actually work. This sounds great in theory, but I would not hear the patch at home the way that it would sound on stage (which is mono and stereo effects are ignored)
  3. When I play live i come out of the mono/left jack and into a DI and off to the PA. No problems there, as it always sounds great. When I am home most of the time I use headphones plugged into the headphone jack. But from time to time i want to play at home within the headphones. So I've tried my high end PC speakers and I have also tried my home stereo. In both cases I get what sounds like clipping on certain amps. In both cases I was using the headphone out jack (which is stereo) and going into the stereo inputs. Would the headphone jack be prone to introduce clipping when trying feed a stereo? If so, how could I use the other fx100 jacks to hook to a stereo and make both stereo channels fire (even if they are playing mono.
  4. I am ios9 iPhone 6 Plus . Although I have signal dropping on iOS8 and across multiple phones and tablet. Although this specific one is the most reproducible.
  5. Like Trirych says, you can disable it under the settings (the gear icon). Note that this will stop the app from selecting one of the tones and making it the active tone. However, this setting doesn't seem to affect the alleged bug I wrote about. Perhaps that is because the app still tries to download all the matching times and displaying them to you even with the option turned off. It seems to be this process of displaying the cloud tones that makes the app lose its connection to the pedal :(
  6. Here is what I came up with. Curious if it works for you. http://line6.com/support/topic/16053-dropping-connection-when-playing-songs-possible-work-around/?do=findComment&comment=118105
  7. Behavior: your app is connected to your pedal and working fine. You click on music and start a song. Within a couple of seconds, the app shows Not Connected and you cannot control the pedal even though rhe music continues to play. You have to shut the app down and start again. After lots of testing, I have confirmed that this is a bug that happens right as the song starts and the app tries the "tone match" thing. If you can get the song to start without the disconnecting, you won't have the problem again until the next time you start the app. Sometimes it is fine and sometimes it fails everytime you play a song. Here is one work around I have found to work. After your start your app, prepare to start a song. Click on the song you want, then as the app switches to the tone matching screen AS QUICK AS YOU CAN click back to the music library so that the app does not have the time to try and pull down the matching tones. If you are successful, the song will play and the pedal will remain connected. For the rest of your session, you can use the app like normal, including the tone matching function. You will need to repeat the next time you start everything again.
  8. Glad that helped. I have found that it is kind off all in or all out with the fx. What I mean Is either you it for amps and effects or not at all. When you hook it up to a guitar amp, then it doesn't work well. But if you use it with a full range speaker or PA and use the amp models, you are good to go. I would see where you would use its distortions pedals without an AMP simulation with your guitar amp, but like you found, I don't think it works well. Good luck!
  9. I've confirmed that this is NOT the fix. I'm getting close though. I've proved to myself that the bug occurs in the few seconds between when you start the song and the app tried to do that tone match junk. In that critical moment, it drops the connection to the pedal. However, I've found a few combinations that causes it not to drop. And if you can get it to start a song once without dropping, you are good to go until you close the app and Coke back. I just haven't found the exact sequence to make it work every time. It is a bug for sure.
  10. I to seem to lose connection when I start a song streaming. The song will keep streaming but the app says "no device connected". If I force quit the app and go back in it reconnects to the pedal. But if i start the song again it will disconnect the pedal. Now, I was playing with settings---device selection---show advanced routing. I left it with tone editing the fx-100 and Audio playback the fx100. It stopped dropping the connecting. I'm not saying this is the fox because now I can't get it to fail again, even if I turn advanced routing back off. Was hoping you could try yours and see if it had an effect on the dropping issue.
  11. Sorry my phone posting the message like 50 Times. Your hypotheses about another expression pedal makes sense. However cebreeZ asked a good question. Where would you plug it in? I saw this on the firehawk when it came out. I wonder if it is just bug that is shows up on the fx100.
  12. Yes that is true about the fx knob. But once you do that, right under that, there is a new control that says "assign to pedal" and there is a yes or no. Also there is a slider that lets you adjust the min and max which makes me think it is related to a rocker pedal. I think this is new
  13. Yes that is true about the fx knob. But once you do that, right under that, there is a new control that says "assign to pedal" and there is a yes or no. Also there is a slider that lets you adjust the min and max which makes me think it is related to a rocker pedal. I think this is new
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