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Never had this happen before

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We played a rather large outdoor event Saturday with our band. (We are a 5 piece cover band)

The city blocks off all the streets and we were one of 9 bands playing at the same time all at different locations. It was a good show, people seemed to like us and what I feel is the ultimate judge of how you did was we got a few pending gigs out of it.. So as we were tearing down and loading up a gentlemen came up to us and said.

He runs the sound system at the big stage every year and he went to see a buddy's band playing a few blocks down. He said he parked his car close to them and all you could hear was us. He went on to say it was so clear and clean sounding that he thought it was a very large system.

( we have the M20D mixer, 2 L3Ms and 2L3S) he was shocked at how compact it was. He really liked it. And I had to take them out of the cases to show him the complete system. He thought it was QSC by the looks of it. I set him straight, he wants to invest in one, and I want straight up 1/2 commission from whoever he buys it from. : )

Anyway I've been playing a long time and never had someone make a special trip over to check out the PA. Cudos to Line 6. I love my system.


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