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Vetta Software Version


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I just bought a Line 6 Vetta head and on the software version

page it says C.Gork. It also says "Copyright Line 6 2003" at

the bottom. Has anybody ever heard of this? I can't seem to

find anything online about it. I bought it from a dealer online

so I doubt that they know anything about it.

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You bought an amp with 'Armin's toolkit' installed - more info see following link:


I have a combo & also took the plunge end of last year & installed the toolkit & have to say it gives you plenty of more options with regards to really great sound cab simulations - I replaced 60 - 70% of my patches and really liking it ...


Here is what the website says:


Upgrade your Vetta's sound options dramatically!
Get a full-out aggressive, punchy, awesome clean, sweet crunchy, smooth Vetta.

  • 27 totally new sound improved CAB models
  • Display all the real amp & other model names on the Vetta display
  • Your name will be shown on the system display (Thief protection)

This version includes all Vetta upgrades/addons in one convenient and easy to install package.

Double of triple your sound options for only 5% of the Vetta price !

Get the CompleteVettaToolkit2.5 for only $69.99!


All the Best,


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