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Something is weird recording dry signal

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Hello, I'm having a weird issue, for me at least, when recording the dry signal from the X3 (Live, in case it matters...). I'm not sure if the problem is in the X3, the DAW, or the user :)


Quick setup description: I use a Win7 laptop with Sonar X1 and a Line6 X3 Live as audio interface for recording and playback.
So, I normally do my "mixes" with slight volume and EQ adjustments, using the wet signal from the X3. Nothing fancy, serves my purposes. For rythm tracks I record just the left channel since there's no stereo effects, and for cleans and leads I'll record a stereo track. And it works fine for what it is.
This time I decided to explore the "reamp" feature for fun, so I recorded the dry signal so I could play with POD Farm. And again I just recorded the left channel, for both rythm and leads, since the stereo effects would happen only in Sonar.
What's weird is that when I pan a track to the center, the audio is not centered, is almost all to one side. It will just sound centered according to my ears and to the track output meter when I set the panning cursor to about 50%. What's even weirder is that the other rythm track is the exact oposite, meaning that to have both to sound centered, I have to set the panning 50% to the left in one track and 50% to the right in the other track. And I'm almost sure I recorded both with the same settings.
Already tried restarting the DAW, which solved another problem earlier (after ezdrummer loaded, most toms were barely audible), tried another panning law option in Sonar, and nothing.
Anyone has a clue??

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