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Is it possible to damage DT50 Head going 16 ohm out into an 8 ohm cab?

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I just got a brand new DT50 Head and since I didn't have a cab specifically for it, I used my Spider Valve II 2x12 cab by just connecting the speakers to the 16 ohm out on the DT. Quite honestly I thought it sounded fantastic...really quite punchy :)


Not sure why I though the cab (Spider Value II 2x12) was 16 ohm by I did a couple hours of home basement playing, although I did turn it way up. Just realized that the cab is actually 8 ohm and not 16 ohm.


Question is, what is the likelihood that this did any damage to the DT amp? I connected it to my MojoTone 4x12 which I have verified is a 16 ohm wiring config and to be honest it doesn't sound all that great and on channel 1 doesn't seem to get all that loud when using topology #II and with drive at 70%, volume at 90% and master at 90%.






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