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PODHD500X with DT25 - the key to good tone

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I have found that using the 'Pre' models over L6 link works best and the key to getting the tone to sound solid and punchy is to change the default panning in the mixer from hard left and right to CENTER on both pan controls and levels at 0db


This is the simple fix that I was missing when I first started using the PODHD500x with my DT25. I spent weeks groaning about the tone not sounding right or as good and the DT25 standalone.


There are so many parameters on the HD500 that I was playing with, which was a little overwhelming at first and I wasn't 'seeing the wood for the trees' when I first started linking these 2 together. I had missed this simple change.


The only remaining issue is that I do find the setup to be quite low end heavy on many of the amp models and seem to have to dial most of it out.


I think it may be the room I have the amp it most of the time though.....may be.


I hope this helps any newcomers to the PODHD/DT combo.



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You want to be aware that this change simply raises the level of the HD output signal (I believe either 3 or 6 dB).

Not that this is bad if it does what you need.

Just bringing this up so you can raise the output level by other means if in the future you add effects trailing the mixer but they do not sound good with the increased input signal level.


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This is the way I have found to get the PODHD500 preamps to sound like the preamps in the DT25, which is what I was looking for.


The only effect I run after the mixer tends to be reverb and it sounds fine with the mixer set like this.



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