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where is the 2.5 update


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From the support manager:


Because of the number of times we’ve seen units become inoperable because of a break in the data stream during the installation of the Vetta firmware, we feel it is best to remove the update from our website. Any circumstances that require the firmware to be reinstalled should be referred to our support staff via support ticket or phone call. Our team can be contacted at

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Hi, Yeah I had to call in Tech support emailed me the file.

they removed it due to people bricking the amps.


Now, i will give a little insight.

I do not believe the new version of monkey works because line6 removed the functionality.(Even though the Vetta is listed )

I was able to find a older version 1.26 ,it has the update from file functionaliy (you will not be able to connect to line 6 servers to update)

upload from file then follow the prompts on both the amp and your computer.


I see why line6 removed the vetta firmware,however I feel they made a new problem ,by just ommitting it and not saying please contact us for support.

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