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Used Vetta ii head broken?


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I bought a used vetta ii HD that had a couple issues. The seller said the edit function does not always work. I turned it on and can get sound, but I can't access any menus. I just see the screen with the tone knobs constantly moving. I can change patches, but cannot make any. 


I downloaded the Line 6 Monkey software to hopefully do a flash to see if that helps, but I do not see flash as an option (I connected the midi out from the vetta to the midi in on my fast track pro). I am using a Mac and do not have access to a Windows machine so I hope this isn't an OS X bug. 


Any solutions or suggestions would be great. I have been using a DuoTone since they came out and I really want to see what this can offer. I have yet to get to edit it at al. 



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you need to contact support, official statement:


No firmware updates will appear for Vetta II in Monkey or the website for public users. Customers will still be able to connect a Vetta to Monkey, but the Flash Memory item will not appear. Verbiage to use with customers is shown below:


Because of the number of times we’ve seen units become inoperable because of a break in the data stream during the installation of the Vetta firmware, we feel it is best to remove the update from our website. Any circumstances that require the firmware to be reinstalled should be referred to our support staff via support ticket or phone call. Our team can be contacted at

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