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My Jtv89f Experiences So Far ...

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Bought the JTV89F a few weeks ago and played intensively now at home and on several rehearsals. And I like to share my experience so far here ...


My first JTV 89F had a Piezo Pickup problem with the B and high E-string. I changed the guitar to a new one and tested the second guitar directly in the guitar shop. The second was pretty operational.


The guitar setup of both guitars were very good.


The Floyd Rose Tremolo was well balanced and the fine tuning knobs were not into extrem positions. The tremolo arm sits pretty tight and does not make much annoying noise playing the guitar models. Although I do not have much experience with Floyd Rose Tremolo, I consider this tremolo as a high quality tremolo. If you once have done the fine tuning, it stays in tune for days.


The string height is too high for a fast, shredding playing style in my opinion. So I lowered it. I guess Line6 has made a compromise to meet all the different guitar models (like acoustic, jazz guitars as well).


I couldn't find any intonation problems, regardless where I played on the fretboard. (The JTV59 initially had some intonation problems to my style of finger pressing). The guitar was tuned pretty clean in the octaves. I just needed to adapt the G-string a little.


The Fretboard is killer for fast playing, although I am not a shredder guy. It is very slim compared to the fretboards I am used to (Fender Strat, Gibson Les Paul 60s). I felt instantly at home at this fretboard.

The high E-string has enough space on the fretboard edge. Haven't got any slip offs as I had on my original JTV69 fretboard playing the high E-string.


The magnetic pickups are stellar and compared to JTV59 more hot and with lots of harmonics. Hearing the magnetic PUs, I instantly fall into to hard and heavy playing style (so far I am capable to play hard and heavy ...). The Neck PU is a little bit like a Strat which I am a big fan on, but with lot more sustain to my ears. The bridge PUs is beefy for muted Rhythm and can be fairly aggressive in solo parts - again: to my ears:


For the ones who like to hear audio examples, I did a quick recording on a playback using the Neck and the bridge pickup in the solo part. I also started to use the Tremolo more excessively than on my JTV 69 and I am still pretty much hesitating to go into extremes :-(




(I used the Treadplate Full amp model on my HD500; a tube driver and a tube comp in front of the amp, a little chorus (dimension), the dynamic delay and the hall reverb post amp).


The modelling guitars sounds are slightly different to the JTV59 and JTV69 (I own all 3 of them) to my ears. Although it is modelling, the different guitar design itself colors the sounds a little (and may be also the different piezo pickups). But honestly I cannot really says which one is better. I prefer the JTV 69 (with a Warmoth neck) most for Acoustic models, because of the bigger width of the neck. For finger picking in open chord position this is more Acoustic guitar like to me.


The only problem I have now is that I unfortunately do not know how to stick to my own guideline to use only 2 guitars for gigging :-(


Would be great to hear pother user experiences with the JTV89F in this Topic ...

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