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Preset Tempo Problems

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I've noticed some weirdness when dealing with the tempo in HD500 Edit. When I set a tempo and save the preset with it and then switch to a different patch, when I switch back to the previous preset the tempo reverts to its setting before I save it. This is only seeming to happen when I am connected via USB and using HD500 edit. When I am playing live and unconnected to USB and use tap tempo, it seems to retain the tempo that I manually tap in and save. (Settings on the HD500 Tempo Sync are "preset")



I load preset J-800, its default tempo is 90. I set tempo in HD500 edit to 83. I save the preset on the HD500 (using "send selected" or saving with the hardware itself, it happens either way). Then I switch to preset Solo. Then I switch back to preset J-800, and the tempo reverts to 90.


I tested this out with a bunch of patches and it seems to happen with all of them, both presets I create myself and downloads.


I haven't been able to find anything on the forums regarding this, and I don't know if it is something relating to the HD500 Edit app or maybe the USB driver or whatever. Its just weird.


This doesn't seem to be an issue when I am playing live, but I use HD500 edit when I am recording and It gets annoying to reset the tempo all the time.

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Check your MIDI/Tempo Options on your device (System Setup Page 6, not accessible via L6 Edit), if Tempo sync is set to "Preset" and not to "Global". More details in the HD500 Advanced Guide on page 2-10.

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