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  1. Any experiences with the M5 as voice processor? I'd like to have it between a dynamic vocal microphone and the mixer in live gigs. Specifically, does the M5 have balanced inputs and outputs? And can it cope with microphone levels? Thanks a lot!
  2. My POD HD500 with T-Rock, DT25 not shown (click to enlarge): The iPad on the right side runs the app BandHelper. With it we display the set list and sheets of music and synchronize sound fx, tempi and MIDI messages for the POD and other devices. On the left side is the VJ app TouchViZ that displays all our video sequences and a live camera picture from time to time over WiFi. If needed, we can also control the monitor mix for the in ear systems of the vocalists with the iPads and an app called Master Fader.
  3. I would say this is normal. Because the tempo shown by the HD is just recalculated from the received beats and there is much room for rounding errors etc. Also keep in mind that MIDI clock only is a simple 24 clicks-per-quarter-note beat - so not overly exact - and without any location info like MIDI time code. Yep, that should improve it. That's the way I am using the slicer effects: Exactly at the first beat of every chorus I switch to the preset and the FX stays in good sync at least for the whole chorus.
  4. Which FX loop - the one in the POD HD500X or some loop on your amp? If you talk about the HD500X loop, have a look in the Advanced Guide: You first assign the FX loop to a footswitch (chapter 3-9) and then you can toggle this footswitch via a MIDI controller (chapter B-2).
  5. I am working live a lot with synced delays, the Gilmour / The Edge kind of things, but also for slicer effects for some metal stuff. I find the syncing quite stable - but you have to remind: It's only clock syncing, that means that the tempo of the clock input and the tempo for the delays (or tremolo steps) are the same - but that does not mean that both run in the same phase: E.g. if you have set up an echo with quarter notes, they will have the correct ms of delay and even follow tempo changes, but they do not automatically match the beat of your song. You have to ensure additionally, that the delay starts more or less exactly with the beat. From my experience, the most reliable way is to call up the preset on the first beat of a bar, so I step on the preset footswitch in the right moment and all is fine. I am not sure if activating the delay in an already called up preset is doing the same thing. In a studio context, my suggestion would be to include a MIDI program change in a Cubase track to call up the POD preset (and with this start the delay / pattern tremolo etc.) and move this event slightly forward or behind to match the beat of your song exactly.
  6. Another possibility: Add a MIDI Event Processor between the POD and the Nova that can be programmed to make the specific mapping. IMO a worthwile investment.
  7. One cab is absolutely enough for me: Together, the DT25 and the D112 Cab make a fine mini stack that's loud enough for nearly every venue. If not, you are Rammstein and surely will have additional monitors at hand ;-) What I like most is the combination of the completely closed cab and the partly open combo - that makes the best compromise for airy clean tones and fat distortion. I did not swap the speaker. Although I am thinking about adding Weber Beam Blockers, I had have some good results with them in my former amp.
  8. Not really: When activating presets on the HD, the device will always send the corresponding MIDI Program Change on the base (global) MIDI channel. BUT you can program the footswitches in every preset to send MIDI commands (e.g. Program Change) on a separate channel. See chapter B-5 in the HD500 Advanced Guide about the MIDI ASSIGN function for details. I don't know if this is usable for you: You could for example programm the FS1 in specific presets to send PCs on channel 2 even so your base channel is set to 1. If you now select one of these presets it would send automatically a PC on the base channel and would have to hit FS1 to send the programmed PC on channel 2.
  9. Check your MIDI/Tempo Options on your device (System Setup Page 6, not accessible via L6 Edit), if Tempo sync is set to "Preset" and not to "Global". More details in the HD500 Advanced Guide on page 2-10.
  10. Germany is checking in! :) After two very satisfying soccer evenings it's back to music - at least for a while!
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