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Hi all


Have recently bough an HD 147 and use the original FBV Shortboard to control it.  I've had lots of fun creating my own tones etc but now want to start playing with the custom tones others have created.  I'm connecting my HD 147 via a Pluscom midi/USB interface into both/either a Mac-Mini (Mountain Lion) and a Win7 Laptop:


- When I run Line6 Monkey, it doesn't have the HD 147 as an option to select as a Line 6 Device

- When I run Line 6 Edit, I can add HD 147 manually, but the computer doesn't load or recognise the midi device.


Any tips as to where I might be going wrong?  Suspect the cable may be one issue, but I don't understand why Line6 MOnkey doesn't seem to have HD147 as an option to update.




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does monkey show the hd 147 connected? line6 recommends m=audio midisport uno


Thanks for replying - no, Monkey isn't showing the HD 147 as being connected.  I've seen the comments re the m-audio interface.  If I can't figure out a solution with the exiting cables that's my next option.


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Have had two HD147's and never had this issue. I was always using the M-audio 1x1 cables that Line 6 recommends. My buddy had an issue with his and what I brought them M-audio ones over the issues stopped... He went out bought his own cables and never had a problem since either.

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