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Connect Xlr Output To "mic Power" Input

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Owning a POD X3 Pro and want to connect it to a camcorder mic input with a special XLR to minijack cable.


I have a question concerning connecting the XLR output(s) to a camcorder mic input which has "mic power".


I already found the following in the Line 6 docs:


Q:  Can I connect the POD X3 Live/Pro's XLR outputs to a mic input on a mixer with phantom power?

A:  Yes, the phantom power gets routed to the ground on the X3 Live/Pro.


So can I assume that the (rather small voltage) "mic power" also gets routed to the ground and the connection poses no danger to either the camcorder or the POD ?



I'm obviously also setting the MIC/LINE switch on the POD to MIC.


Thanks in advance for any input.



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