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How To Configure Aes On Pod Pro?


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I'm trying to figure out how to patch my POD Pro into my RME UFX via AES connection. At this point i've only tried to plug-and-play, but the result is very lo-fi. Do I need to configure my POD (or UFX) somehow? If so, what's the process? I'm not finding any appropriate menus when I scroll through the PODs config options.

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I think you are talking about the s/pdif in out from the HDPro into your interface which I presume will be able to select s/pdif or ADAT for the optical or it has these separate.

I remember a few years back very seriously pulling the trigger on the UFX but ended up going for the Motu 2408mkIII which suited my set up better and a little more bang to buck ratio.

Anyway in the HD main menu you select the s/pdif out and choose either wet or dry. Dry has no processing just a direct dry guitar signal. You also set your bit depth frequencyand this has to match your UFX and your DAW project settings.

Depending on how good your computer is will determine how high a resolution you can go or want to go.

I am using Sonar X2 and record at 24bit, 88.2khz. Only as it divides to 16bit, 44.1khz

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