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Line 6 nameplate for Spider II 15 ???

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Asking for help and suggestions. First, I'm sorry but Line 6 customer service is horrible.
I never got connected and I gave up being on hold after about 10 mins.

Their on-line store shows a nameplate but it screws on a 4x12 cabinet, it does not glue on.

So the next thing I do is contact my local service center (a Company that Line 6 suggested)
and they have not found a name plate that will glue back on either.


Why LIne 6?  Home Depot sells Gorilla Glue now and your nameplate won't fall off again
so maybe you should make replacements available.  Please?   





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So it looks like instead of Line 6 offering an original design replacement (that came on the amp),
they give you a replacement that looks and is different.

I'm going ahead with it but not happy that they hold you hostage by giving you a different design.


Why, why why 

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Thank you RealZap. I just wanted one that looked like the original but I guess those are not available so I broke down and ordered the different design. The sissy one that looks like crap. On Sale now just 3 dollars!  The bad news is = they charge you 10 extra dollars to send it to Colorado (real cost 13.76). For a crappy one.   

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