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G30 or G55? It's probably been asked a million times but I need a little help choosing


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I'm looking at going cable free shortly and have some very specific requirements. Firstly, I'm the lead singer in the band but also play guitar. Therefore, I'm not wandering around the stage a great deal but I just have a dislike for being tethered to my HD500. Secondly, I run a wireless IEM system from a small rack beside my amp, which connects everything by a custom cable snake to my HD500 & Mic. I would mount the L6 Relay receiver into my rack, I have a shelf inside it which could accommodate it or it could be properly mounted via the rack mount kit. Thirdly, the other guitarist has a G30.


As I don't need the long range of the more expensive systems, I'm tempted by the G30 that can be bought for £130. Would that suffice? Would it work within my rack (metal framed with plastic polycarbonate sides/top)? Would I be better with the G55 with external aerials if inside a rack? How often would I have to change channels? It would be much easier to change on a front facing G55 than a shelf mounted G30/G50. The price of a G55 + rack kit is closer to £340 so if I have to spend that much more, I'd want to be sure it was necessary.


Finally, using the G30 from the floor beside my HD500 isn't something I want to do and using the guitarist's G30 to try out in the rack isn't really an option.

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You will have difficulty if you use any wireless instrument system inside your rack and area also operating an IEM transmitter in that rack.  You will need to separate the antennas of the two systems, probably by 10 feet or more.  You'll likely need the same separation that your other guitarist has between his G30 and your IEM transmitter.


So your best bet would be to either not mount the Relay in the rack but instead put it on the floor, right next to your HD500 or use a G55 and use remote paddle antennas.

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