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Choosing Vetta2 Amp


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Hi all, 


I am hoping someone will be able to help me make my choices. I have been thinking of getting one of the following guitar amps by Line 6: Line 6 Flextone, Spider Valve Mk2 212 combo or Line 6 Vetta 2 combo in the first place but also considering Line 6 Spider 3 and 4. 


The question is what should I be looking for when making the decision, considering that i am a beginner. 


I am thinking of getting a second-hand amp rather than a new one. I have noticed that the Vetta2 amp comes with a lot of features and I might get it for a reasonable price. But in terms of the prices, I could say the same in regards to the other amps. So I guess an important part of the decision are the features/specs of the amps?


I will appreciate any advice on the above. 



Many thanks,



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Well I have a Vetta and love it but I am also an Electrical Technician/Engineer and have the necessary test equipment so I can probably fix it myself should it ever fail. With the failing to now non existent support for Vetta amps by Line6 I can not in all honesty recommend that anyone buy one unless they too are technically competent enough to undertake component level troubleshooting and repair or know someone who is.

The Vetta amps are sophisticated enough that most of the common guitar amp repair shops out there today are unable to deal with it as their forte is mainly swapping out tubes in what are for all practical purposes very dated tube amp designs from yesteryear.

Unless you can fix it yourself, you may wake up one day to find that you have purchased what amounts to a boat anchor.


As to the other Amps I don't know but you may want to investigate the availability of service and repair parts. Most amp shops are unwilling or unable to do any thing but swap out entire circuit boards and for pretty stiff prices and if you can't get the boards at any price, then you're pretty much out of luck altogether.

Line 6 has so far been unwilling to supply even service documentation to users even though they easily could if they only would. Why they won't is anybody's guess as the amps are out of production and out of warranty so there is no real viable reason not to.    

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