A work of art worthy of hanging on your wall.

JTV-US gives you powerful Variax® HD technology plus the highest quality craftsmanship—resulting in a truly remarkable instrument that meets the needs of today’s most discerning musicians. Every single guitar passes through the most skilled woodworkers, painters and builders in the business. Representing over a century of experience, the talented team demonstrates deep passion and pride while bringing James Tyler’s designs to life.

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Innovative design. Stunning results.

To create James Tyler Variax US Custom Series bodies and necks, the woodworking team pairs computer-aided drafting and machining (CNC) technology—which provides absolute consistency and superior intonation—with meticulous hand craftsmanship for incredible feel. The installation of the guitars’ unique electronics package required its own innovative approach, so the team developed new tools and methods to complement the capabilities of the CNC machines. This highly customized process requires significantly more time than it takes to build a standard guitar.

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Beauty and durability to last a lifetime.

James Tyler Variax US Custom Series guitars are painted using techniques perfected over decades, so every guitar looks as beautiful as it sounds. Every step of the way, the instrument is inspected to make sure that the sanding and polishing is immaculate, surfaces are flat, and the radii are round and true to the shape of the raw wood.

Before the painting process begins, the body of the guitar is evaluated for grain pattern and hand-selected to best match each individual finish. Once selected, the painters apply the sealer and the undercoat, and the body is left to dry for seven days. After everything is sanded perfectly flat, the painters apply as little color as possible—preserving the hardness of the sealer and topcoat. And finally, they apply the topcoat, and again wait a minimum of seven days before painstakingly sanding, leveling and polishing the guitar by hand a final time.

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The ultimate playing experience.

James Tyler Variax US Custom Series guitars are assembled using a multi-step setup process to unlock each guitar’s full range of tonal possibilities—and provide amazing feel and playability. Building on industry-standard quality-assurance practices, the US Custom Series team created a unique set of guidelines to make sure that every aspect of each guitar would meet or exceed customer expectations—from the fretwork and finish to the electronics and setup. Many guitar makers stop there, but the US Custom Series team takes a critical extra step—they spend time playing each and every guitar. They listen intently while working the tremolo, bending the strings and testing all the electronics, ensuring that each guitar provides the ultimate playing experience.



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As the founder of James Tyler Guitars, master luthier James Tyler has helped put an unprecedented array of tones in the hands of professional and enthusiast guitarists alike. Captivated by guitars at an early age, James Tyler opened his first repair shop in Reseda, California in 1980, and quickly gained high-profile fans including Michael Landau, Neil Stubenhaus, Buzz Feiten and many more. The following decades brought a collection of stunningly creative guitars and basses, outrageous finishes, lauded pickups and a growing roster of loyal artists. Every project reflected his lifelong quest to create the perfect guitar and electronics package to deliver amazing tone—which made him the ideal partner for James Tyler Variax guitars.

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