Pete Thorn

Session Guitarist


While prolific guitar sideman Pete Thorn may refer to himself as a “guitar nerd” – his resume proves he’s anything but. His effortless, dynamic playing have landed him onstage alongside such legendary artists as Don Henley, Chris Cornell and Melissa Etheridge among others. His debut solo CD Guitar Nerd garnered critical praise and landed on CD Baby’s top selling albums list.

Taking a break from sideman duties, in 2011, Thorn opted to step to the forefront and released his first solo album Guitar Nerd -- an instrumental guitar album with 10 tracks that showcase every sonic arrow in Thorn’s impressive quiver of guitar styles, sounds and techniques.

Channeling his inner gear nerd, Thorn has taken to demonstrating guitar gear and accessories on his wildly popular YouTube channel (67,000 subscribers). Pete's videos have so far garnered more than 13.4 Million views – proving there’s a lot of “guitar nerds” out there. But if a lifelong, unabashed passion for playing guitar in all its styles and permutations with some of the best artists in the world qualifies as “nerd” status…? Then Pete Thorn is, indeed, a fabulous guitar nerd.

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