Sound quality is king.

All Line 6 digital wireless vocal and instrument systems were designed from the ground up to deliver superior sound quality. Their compander-free designs, interference-free signals and exclusive digital technologies guarantee it. If you’re not performing with a Line 6 digital wireless system, you’re not playing with the best.

Right out of the box, Line 6 digital wireless systems are ready for action. No complicated setup, no hassles. Simply power up and go.

"Relay G30: Guitar Accessory of the Year, 2009."—

"It's time to be brave and cut that cord. The freedom afforded by a reliable and good-sounding wireless system shouldn't be underestimated. Line 6 has truly picked up the baton."—Relay G30 review,

"I just wanted to let you know how great I think the [Relay G30] wireless units are. I really couldn’t believe how compact the units actually were. And I like how simple and easy it all runs together. They sound and work great. Its compact size makes it really easy to bring overseas too!"—Alex Suarez (Cobra Starship)

Guitar World Overall Value - Gold Award

"The sound was fat, dynamic and capable of delivering the most subtle performance nuances. The guitar really came to life, to the point where I didn’t want to go back to the cable…I was especially impressed with the ease of setting up both of the [Line 6] X2 systems: It was as near to plug-and-play as wireless is likely to get…If you've wanted to roam the stage but found wireless wanting in the past, one of these systems might let you cut the cord for good."—Emile Menasche, Guitar World
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"[Line 6] X2 Digital Wireless is the only wireless I'll use for my guitar. It sounds as good or better than a cable and I'd use a cable before using any other wireless. The rack version is's compact, has incredible range and has worked flawlessly since I've gotten it. The [Line 6] X2 kicks wireless ass!"—Michael Britt of Lonestar

"[X2 XDS-Plus is] about as simple, clean and reliable as wireless can be, this is a great-sounding system."—Barry Rudolph, Music Connection

"I am stunned by how amazing [Relay G30] sounds. Did [Line 6] make a pact with the devil? Because there are systems that cost well over $3,000 that sound nowhere near as good. It is also such a refreshing aspect that it uses a normal quarter-inch cable."—Steve Stevens (Billy Idol)

"[Relay G30] sounds excellent! [It has] lots of great features nobody else thought of – like the quarter-inch jack!"—Billy Sheehan (David Lee Roth, Mr. Big, Steve Vai)

X2 XDR955: Nominee, Outstanding Technical Achievement, Wireless Technology category.2009 TEC® Awards

Bass Player - Editor's Award

"I was impressed with both [Line 6] X2 systems' sound quality. While most great gear makes you sound better, the [Line 6] X2s excelled because they didn't tamper with my tone. By spending the extra $200 on the XDR, you can feel confident in the unit's longer range, signal stability, and full-bandwidth signal. But in most live situations, the smaller, lower-priced XDS would be great for any bassist who wants to be free…If you’re looking for a wireless unit, bump the [Line 6] X2 to the top of your queue. The technology is waiting for you."—Greg Olwell, Bass Player
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"If you're as crazy about tone as I am, [Line 6] X2 is the ONLY truly great sounding wireless in the world. Nothing else comes remotely close."—Hershel Yatovitz of Chris Issak & Silvertone

"I've taken the [Line 6] X2 wireless all over on tour with Chris Cornell. It's worked great and sounds just like a cord!"—Peter Thorn of Chris Cornell