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FBV3 with Spider Jam

  • Using your FBVIII controller with the Spider Jam


Here are the controls for the FBV III when using it with a Spider Jam.


FS1 - Turns on Recording Mode (see the manual for detailed info on recording)
FS2 - Boost ON/OFF
FS3 - FX1 (Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo)
FS4 - FX2 (Delay, Tape Echo, Sweep Echo)
FS5: Reverb ON/OFF


When using the FBV3 with your Spider Jam, make sure you have the latest flash memory (v1.02) installed for your FBV controller.
You'll find the Line 6 Updater located here:


Download and install Line 6 Updater, then connect your controller to your Mac or PC with a standard USB cable. Line 6 Updater will ask you to login, and then run the latest update for the controller.


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