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AMPLIFi Firmware Update Release Notes


AMPLIFi Firmware Release Notes:


AMPLIFi 75/150/TT/FX100 firmware v2.50.2
AMPLIFi Firmware 2.50.2 is a free firmware update that includes fixes and optimizations. It is highly recommended that all AMPLIFi users perform this update!
AMPLIFi Remote 2.13 or greater is required for use with this firmware. Please update your AMPLIFi remote app on iOS or Android before upgrading to this version of firmware.
The easiest way to perform the update process is by installing the latest version of Line 6 Updater. Once you've connected AMPLIFi to your computer via USB port (hubs are not supported), Line 6 Updater will recognize the unit and take you through the update process. PC users will need to install the AMPLIFi device driver. Line 6 Updater application and drivers may be downloaded here:
New Feature:
"Assign to Pedal" support allows you to use the built-in pedal on FBV Shortboard and FBV Express to control parameters assigned to the FX Knob. These parameters are assigned by pressing and holding on the desired parameter in the AMPLIFi Remote app.
Bug Fixes:
-Improved Bluetooth connection stability and reconnect behavior
-Other minor bug fixes and optimizations


AMPLIFi 75/150/TT/FX100 firmware v2.10


All AMPLIFi units

  • USB 2.0 recording for Mac OSX 10.7+ and Windows 7/8
    • Class-compliant Mac/iPad drivers @ 24bit/48K (these drivers are in OSX 10.7+)
    • ASIO driver version 1.64 for Windows that provides 16/24 bit, 44.1/48/88.2/96K recording and sample rate conversion. This can be adjusted in the Windows Sound Control Panel. USB audio streaming buffers and default bit depth can be set in the AMPLIFi Control Panel, or from within a DAW. Driver must be downloaded and installed from

    [*]Bug fixes and enhancements. [*]Tap tempo light can be toggled on and off via the Remote app [*]Adjusting the reverb knob will automatically enable the reverb block if it happens to be turned off [*]At this time, it is recommended to perform the update using the AMPLIFi Utility for PC found at, using instructions found at

75/150-specific items
A 12dB gain stage has been added to the guitar in the headphone output of the 75/150 to make the guitar/Bluetooth blend sound the same in the headphones as it does through the speakers.


FX100-specific items
No FX100-specific items in this release.

TT-specific items
The previous AMPLIFi TT firmware provides a USB stream that is 12dB too hot and always clips the input of a DAW unless you crank it down on the hardware (white LED ring on the big knob). This issue is fixed in this release.

AMPLIFi 75/150/FX100 firmware v2.00.0

  • Firmware adds SPP Bluetooth capability for data communication with Android devices.
  • This update is NOT required for iOS users, but will require version 2.00 of the iOS app as device names have changed.

AMPLIFi 75/150/FX100 firmware v1.01.0

  • Ability to turn individual effects on and off within a single preset using the 'STOMP', 'MOD', 'DELAY', 'REVERB' footswitches.
  • Navigate the 100 on board preset locations using the Bank and Preset footswitches available on the FBV Shortboard MKII.
  • Two way communication added between the AMPLIFi 75/150/FX100 and the AMPLIFi Remote App so that changes made to the AMPLIFi hardware instantly are shown within the AMPLIFi Remote App.
  • Resolved an issue with zipper noise when using the wah on FBV MKII controllers.
  • Improvements made to Bluetooth connection.

AMPLIFi 75/150 firmware v1.00.5

  • Several fixes were put in place that improve Bluetooth data communication and stability with the AMPLIFi Remote application.

AMPLIFi 75/150 firmware v1.00

  • Initial release.


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