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BackTrack (+ Mic): FAQ


The BackTrack/BackTrack+Mic was designed to capture and replay any moment of "musical inspiration" without the need for recording preparation to flash memory by sensing audio signal levels. Records up to 12 hours of audio saved as .wav files to 1GB internal flash memory.


General Features and Usability Tips

  • Pressing the "Mark" button designates what you just played as special and separates it for easy review.
  • "Force Capture" mode available for usage of BackTrack as a regular recording device for planned recordings.
  • Audio sample rates of over 48KHz not supported (attempting to play a .wav file at a higher sample rate than this will most like cause incorrect playback behavior).
  • Audio is transferable via USB 2.0 to your computer or recording software for further recording, editing or mixing.
  • USB connection recharges the internal battery to its full capacity of over 8 hours via computer connection or universal USB charger (iPod, Blackberry chargers). No recording when unit is connected via USB to computer.
  • Available in BackTrack (1/4" mono input only) and BackTrack+Mic (1/4" mono & built-in microphone) models.
  • BackTrack does not have stereo/headphone out; only BackTrack+Mic model has stereo/headphone output.

LED Color Explanations


"Off" LED Status (USB Connection/Charging):

Red = 0-25% charge

Orange = 25-50% charge

Yellow = 50-75% charge

Green = 75-100% charge

White = Full charge


"On" LED Status Indicator Light (Normal Recording State):

White = startup & shutdown (solid) or busy (blinking) states

Blue = Auto Capture mode

  • Ready to capture (flashing dark blue)
  • Audio to be captured (solid dark blue)
  • Audio that will continue to be captured (solid pale blue)
  • End of captured event (blinking pale blue)

Red = Forced Capture mode (solid red)

  • End of forced capture (blinking red)
  • Microphone clipping state (on units with microphone) while recording (flashes red during peak/spikes)

Green = Playback mode

  • Play Only mode (blinking green)

Purple = Low Memory state

  • 30 minutes remaining (single-blink)
  • 15 minutes remaining (double-blink)

Yellow = Low Battery state

  • Less than 1 hour of operation left (occasional single-blink)
  • Complete battery discharge (light fades from yellow to red; rapid flashing)

BackTrack Setup Utility

  • BackTrack Setup Utility software allows user to adjust and save capture volume settings and record playback settings.
  • BackTrack Setup Utility requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher.

Backtrack Hard Reset Procedure

  • If your Backtrack appears frozen or if the LED lights are blinking in a series of colors then performing a hard reset should resolve this.
  • To perform a hard reset you'll need to manually press a small object like a paper clip into the small hole on the side of the Backtrack. The hole is located on the opposite side of all the UI controls (Backtrack) or on the side opposite the microphone (Backtrack + Mic). Hold the button down for three seconds and then remove the paperclip. The LED on the device will glow white, blink a few times, and then begin blinking blue. You have now successfully reset your Backtrack.


  • Mac OSX users: stereo .wav files transferred off of Backtrack or Backtrack+Mic will freeze on playback attempt from host computer's audio application and the BackTrack will not record. OSX file system stores extra metadata in hidden "resource fork" files that have a prefix of ._ in front of the .wav file's name. BackTracks use a non-Mac file system, FAT32, that doesn't support resource forks. Deletion of those addition metadata files should allow for playback of the stereo .wav files.
  • BackTrack will not record while connected to computers to recharge or to use the utility software. However, BackTrack WILL record if conencted to third party USB chargers.


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