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  1. Reading through the various forums it doesn't appear android users are much happier with Line 6, and I'm certainly not going to give up my iPhone or my iPad for the sake of Line 6. There is hope though in that android users might be a market willing to buy my lightly used equipment.
  2. At this point does anyone have faith that Line 6 knows what to do about this? I've been thinking that even if they do figure it out, that will give me less than a year to sell my Line 6 gear before the next major software update. I don't like to say "never" but after this experience I can't see myself buying another Line 6 marketing pitch and certainly not more Line 6 gear. What might help is if Line 6 offered an alternative to the iOS software, like a Mac OS software for my laptop. That way we wouldn't find ourselves caught off guard just because they were. I'd even be willing to fork over a couple of dollars for that solution.
  3. The real failure here is in customer communications. Taking the position that we should trust that Line 6 is busy working on an update even though they haven't issued a statement since July seems a little ridiculous. If they were as competent as you assume one of three things would already have happened: either they would have fixed the problem over the last two months; fixed the problem in time for the first update to iOS 9; or issued a statement explaining the problem and why the solution warrants our patience. Most, if not all, of the issues in other music apps listed in a post above were resolved in the first week and the communication was much better (I'm a user of both OnSong, Audiobus and the various apps that work with it). I cannot say that I am unhappy with iOS 9 - it contains some excellent advancements - but I do regret purchasing the Line 6 products I now own.
  4. The "real" problem is one of terrible communication from Line 6 to its customers and the mistrust this generates along with the shrinking faith in the companies products and service. It takes blind faith to assume that because they are saying nothing it's because they've made it a priority. If they had made it a priority, and especially if Apple was the source of the problem it would have been resolved prior to the official release of iOS 9, and certainly by the release of iOS 9.01. While I don't regret my upgrade to iOS 9, I do regret my purchase of Line 6 products.
  5. I think it is pretty cut and dry. It seems that those who have had some past experience with Line 6 were not overly surprised by their lack of response to an issue that so fundamentally affects a line of products they continue to promote. Apple had a long and by all counts extensive beta rollout of the new iOS, and Line 6 has been aware of their problem since July. I would never have thought to seek out Line 6's position on updating the software, and actually did so with some foolish hope that the "advanced" Line 6 software might run smoother and make the experience less frustrating and more dependable than it has been. The supporters of Line 6 are seeming to imply that this equipment is for home and hobby use only, and while I'm inclined to agree with them, that is not how it was marketed. Line 6 has attempted to position itself at the leading edge of sound modelling and musical innovation for stage, studio and home. I'll see how this develops, but as it stands today, I regret my recent purchases and would not purchase a Line 6 product again.
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