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  1. ok - so it will always be recorded 6db lower than what it actually is?
  2. Hey! When I record a dry signal (via USB) in my stomp + processed one, Cubase SX, all inputs/outputs to Level +- 0 db, and then reamp it, using the exact same sound, I get a significantly different sound unless I push the signal to be ramped up +6db. Is that usual (or maybe even in the manual)? Gates were off during recording , but it appears any gate on the processed sound doesn't affect the signal when recording anyway. thanks!
  3. I use an old Cubase SX3 and it's (recording and reamping through the hx) a breeze using just the HX as interface. Record the signal, change the output as indicated in the manual and you can reamp easily.
  4. I have a similar issue, my guitar's foamed at the nut (can't foam the bridge - Fender vintage saddles), it happens with 2 different pickups at the neck position, insane way higher ping when palm muting. Yours sounds like noise from either the headstock or behind the bridge. Foam takes care of that. If not, I had to completely EQ the frequency out which was around 1.7 K, you could locate yours. Also on the Badonk, but to a lesser degree on other hx amp models. Took it to the store, into a Mesa Triple , no ping at all :-/
  5. I think I got the rhythm technique Holt has down, but he might have used EMGs on that album while I got Instrumentals, which are similar in output to a Duncan JB, so the top-end of passives and I hit them strings pretty hard. And Sneap likes using a compressor for the palm mutes specifically, so that changes everything too. Thanks guys, I'll check everything out!
  6. Allright, took me a while,sorry. If you really want to give it a shot, I've included the original guitar sound, my clean signal and the patch I tried matching as close as possible. Would be epic if you came up with a better one. W exodus_black_orig.mp3 exodus_black_sig.mp3 Exo Blacklist 2.hlx
  7. 2 more would be sufficient. OD, Amp, IR, EQ, Noisegate, Reverb … no more blocks left… nothing fancy here but a Delay or a Pitch Harmony for soloing would make so much sense.
  8. das koennte ich machen, muesste vorher den song aber irgendwo runterladen. reicht ein mono mp3 fuer beides? danke!
  9. massive amount of IRs (Hesu, Mesa, REvv, etc...) FREE https://seacowcabs.wordpress.com/
  10. 28 free IR's for Metal (Mesa, Diesel, Bogner, Orange): https://bit.ly/2Huriel (free, but requires an email)
  11. yes it would help, as I can get rid of blocks I don't need and use the core tone. so far, no Helix patch has worked.
  12. HI! Does anybody know where to get free, good sounding Metal patches for the HX Stomp? I guess there are plenty for the Helix, but they don't work (dear Line 6 - should anybody accidentally browse this thread - a conversion tool would be ideal). The patches on Customtone are few and mostly awful. Thanks!
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