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  1. Hopefully they at least give us the ability to save default settings for different blocks, so that when we're setting up a new sound our frequently used blocks start off at our usual settings for them.
  2. I suspect my questions (a couple pages ago) have been accidentally skipped over. Would it be against the etiquette here to re-post them?
  3. 1) Will the looping function be capable of making separate parts of a song? ie. a stack of loops for the verse, then stomp a different button to switch to a stack of loops you've made for the chorus, a stack of loops for the bridge, etc. 2) Given that amps were modelled on a component level- down the road is there a possibility that components could be mixed & matched? ie. choose your preamp tube type, tone stack, rectifier type, power amp tube type, transformer type, etc. 3) The harmony delay in some promotional photos appears to have 4 pages of 5 parameters- with the basic/common parameters all on the first page, and a synth block has been mentioned with 24 parameters- are parameter counts of around 20 common in this pedal? I would consider this an enormous plus! 4) Are future updates planned to be an as-needed patch-fixing type of thing (like the minimal updates seen in the M series), or are they planned to be an ongoing thing (like Zoom's MultiStomp Bluetooth which had a new effect added every few weeks for 2 years or so)?
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