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  1. Thank you, but what I'm trying to ask about is this from the 3.0 update:
  2. Thank you rd2rk– I should have been more specific. I mean user defaults in the sense of settings saved by the user that a given block loads with, as of HX 3.0. I appreciate the thought though! Let me know if there is a different term I should be using.
  3. Not sure why all the disparaging/sarcastic remarks– Helix can do this quite easily. Just plug the USB into your computer, and set up midi triggers on the footswitches to trigger sounds in any drum machine program.
  4. On synth patches (with phasers, not sure if that's relevant), I find that when I open the patch there's a high-pitched bleep/blip noise every time I touch the strings (I'm playing a bass). This bleep noise goes away after I hit the bypass button for any effect. I can then turn whatever effect back on and the beep will still be gone. I can provide recordings or exact patches if useful.
  5. The joystick button on my Helix has stopped working. The joystick still functions directionally. Also the physical action of pressing it inward still gives the same click. But the machine doesn't register it. Have tried rebooting, same result. Please advise!
  6. Playing a little more with firmware 2.0 last night, I noticed that in cab blocks, sometimes the range of values would be momentarily restricted when tweaking parameters- I would turn all the way to the right or all the way to the left but not be able to get to the top or bottom value without "backing off" towards the middle of the parameter's range and then taking another "run towards it" so to speak. For example, I would turn the knob for mic choice all the way left, and keep turning and turning, but only be able to get to the 421 say. Then I'd go back towards the 121, 160, 4038, and then turn all the way left again and be able to get to the 57.
  7. Successfully downloaded and installed firmware 2.0 last night! Overall very happy! My favourite parts: • I really like the clean capabilities of the new Mesa amp channels, which I wasn't expecting. Going to try to get a Jeff Buckley clean out of them now. • The Garbage/Wringer Fuzz is AMAZING. I am probably going to use it on every lead sound from now on. SO musical, useable- and it has a major cool factor to it as well- who would've thought of modelling a rare, broken Boss fuzz? Congratulations Line6 on a totally non-obvious yet brilliant decision. Couple small bugs to note: • Found scrolling through presets to be slightly but noticeably sluggish, compared to the previous, seemingly instantaneous response of the preset knob • When naming a preset (or anything), the scroll button has to be pressed an extra time now- before it would just scroll from A to a to blank etc., but it doesn't respond until the second press now
  8. Edit: removed due to confirming that it was a problem with my headphones not the Helix.
  9. ryansalmond

    Helix FAQ

    I should add- when frozen (if it's made it through booting up first), the headphone volume is the one control that works- the master volume may as well but I'm only plugged into the headphone out right now. I was able to play the Helix for about 10 minutes before it froze this morning, suggesting that the longer a 'break' it has in between (ie. not having been used all night) the longer it can go before one of these freezes happens. Once it froze, restarting it again resulted in freezing before hitting the start up screen.
  10. ryansalmond

    Helix FAQ

    Mine's not working. For the sake of accuracy I'll provide every detail I can: When I got my Helix home and powered it up, it froze during power up. I restarted, and played for about ten minutes, before stepping out of the room for another ten minutes, and when I came back it had frozen again. It was still playable on the sound it was on, just none of the controls would respond at all. I restarted and it didn't even get to the part of the boot where the screen turns on (the scribble strips lit up and that was it). I restarted and it froze at the boot up screen. This continued several times, before I hooked up the usb cable and updated the firmware (it froze during the first attempt but it worked on the second try). When it auto-restarted, I was able to play for 1-2 minutes before it froze again. I tried many times after this to restart it only to have it freeze at various points before finishing booting up. On one of these occasions the screen turned red instead of showing the boot up screen. On one occasion I got through booting up and was able to play for about 15 seconds before it froze and the screen turned red (though a different shade this time). To summarize: half the time it fails to get to the startup screen, 40% of the time it freezes during the startup screen, 10% of the time it freezes after letting me play briefly.
  11. ryansalmond

    Helix FAQ

    I'm not sure if this is the same as what you're asking, but you've got me wondering something along the same lines- I have an electroacoustic with a passive pickup and usually use an outboard preamp- is there a recommended way to set this up in Helix?
  12. ryansalmond

    Helix FAQ

    A mic'd amp is exactly the kind of sound I want, no matter what musical setting I'm in.
  13. ryansalmond

    Helix FAQ

    I notice in the Effects List PDF, that drives, compressors, EQs and Wahs are all listed as being both mono AND stereo. If this means that when you feed a stereo signal into one of these blocks that it stays stereo, does that then also mean that each of the two stereo signals would be driving the block to distort independently?
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