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  1. MIDI Question! As I do not want to sacrifice the EXP I/O's I thought I'd control my Laney VH100R with Midi. So I've hooked up the Voodoo Lab Control Switcher to the HX Effects and the VH100R (HX MIDI out/Through --> Control Switcher MIDI IN --> Control Switcher Multi out --> VH100R FS in). I can get it to work using CC Toggle...but that only changes one behaviour at the time. (ie. switch channel 1 to 2 and back, turn reverb on/off etc). In the HX i've got the midi channel set to 1 and am sending CC messages in the range 80-83. Now I could assign multiple toggle actions to 1 switch... but I was wondering if there is another way.. I've had a 5150III mini and POD HD500 combo and that setup was way more easy.. Just wondering if anyone has an idea.
  2. But if you use it for amp switching you lose the option to add an expression pedal, right?
  3. I was wondering if there are any users here that have a Boss FV-500H next to their M-series. Thing I'm curious about, is that if u use this pedal as an expression pedal, will it also still function as a volume pedal. (not the volume of the m5/m9/m13) And how does this work? If no effect is selected the pedal just works as the volumepedal it's intended to be? Or do you have to make some sort of alteration to it. Thnx ps. I know the Ernie Ball is great...but i'm not paying over a hundred bucks for a volume pedal.
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